Projects Done

National Commodity and Materials Exchange


End customer: Ministry of Economy (Eastern Europe)

Project goal: To create a new OLTP system for the National Exchange, capable to work in compliance with upcoming regulative changes and growing volumes and speeds of financial transactions.

Solution: System was designed as two-core system ( high-speed High Frequency Trading Core and the Accounting Core).

Thanks to the architecture, system has both ultra-high speed with flexibility and scalability for the future developments and business development.



Monolith system to microservices architecture separation

End customer: Logistics company (Germany)

Project goal: Due to business restructuring, customer decided to separate significant part of the monolithic system to independent systems (including Data Pool).

Solution: Provided automated separation tool reduced the overall time of the project planned by customer for data separation for more than 2 times (from 2 years to 1 year, greatly reducing the overall cost of the project).



Mobile App - Trade Calculator 


Trade Calculator was designed to help you stay safe and profitable on the markets.

It allows you to calculate potential Profit/Loss, Equity, Initial Margin, Free Margin and very important Margin Level from your trading or investing. You can simulate and model different situations with market prices of your financial instruments, to measure your risks.

All this will give you much better control over situation with your investing and trades and simple, but powerful tool to evaluate your potential Profits, Losses and Risks. Useful for Stock Market, Bonds, Options, Futures, CFD and Forex investment and trading.




Verityscope - web project for people evaluation


Reliability through anonymity

Verityscope was designed to provide you with the most reliable, true and anonymous feedback about yourself. Also, it gives you the possibility to had down judgments anonymously, helping others to get true feedback about themselves.


Forceful Solutions - company website


Website for a company dealing with financial solutions.