Why financial companies still do not know how to count money

It just so happened that my career, starting from being a developer, then moving on to working as an architect, a CTO, and, finally, an entrepreneur, has been evolving mainly in the near-financial sector. The largest part of my professional life has been spent on designing and developing software systems for banks, broker companies, and other similar businesses. And from my background, I faced some typical technical problems in those companies that I would like to talk about. In the public opinion, the image of a banker, a trader, or a broker is a very desirable one. A person like that is a real owner of life, wearing an expensive suit and driving a shiny, powerful car; this person is unshakably self-confident, possessing some mystical financial knowledge. He knows exactly what he needs to do to earn even more money than he has, even though he is dripping with it already. With the help of his trader terminals, BI systems, risk management systems, and other dauntingly dodgy software, this embodiment of the archetype of a businessman can do fantastic things, for example, tell the future of the markets, making money on the fluctuations of quotations and prices. Perhaps he can […]

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