Security services specialists wanted!

In cooperation with our partners, we created an IT solution for security services, including such “traditional” service as manned guarding. Our product was designed to make entire security business much more effective, reliable and cost-effective, providing new level of automation and control.

Also, our solution provides a solid foundation for the future development of security services business: it can integrate the security drones into one single control interface with humans, and provide deep and effective collaboration between them.

Currently we are interested in contacts with security services business stakeholders, security/military experts to provide them with more details, presentations and demonstrations, and get the feedback about the product and it’s potential / desired features.

If you are in security, military, or professional drone manufacturing business – please take a contact with me. Also, if you have connections from those industries – please let them know about this post with sharing or direct link.

Here you can find the presentation of our security management solution:



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